Xiaomin Jiang

UX Designer by day. Tango dancer by night. Learner always.




Licensing Usability Improvement

Cisco / Apr 2016

Enhancing the usability of the existing licensing workflow helps enterprise users select the right license and related features for their needs.


Junos Space Re-design

Juniper Networks / Jan 2011 - Dec 2013

Improving the ease of navigation and interaction makes the daily management and analysis of network topology more intuitive and efficient for enterprise users.



Cisco / Mar - Aug 2015

Hopping between multiple tools to upgrade a license is now history. The one-stop-shop design makes upgrading licenses easy.



Object Selector

Juniper Networks / Aug - Oct 2013

A consolidated object selection component provides flexibility and sustainability for easy adoption by tenant applications’ development teams.


Harry Potter Style "Sorting Hat" (Just for Fun)

Science Hack Day San Francisco / Oct 24-25, 2015

The magical touch of user experience humanizes the hat-wearing experience within given hardware constraints.




Xiaomin Jiang: Xiao 晓 - dawn (the time she was born), know & understand; Min 敏 - keen, sharp & agile.

Xiaomin loves hats. Her favorite one is User Experience Designer. Chaos and ambiguity are her synonyms of possibilities and opportunities. To create a meaningful experience for people, she believes in the power of active listening and understanding.

She is also a passionate Argentine Tango dancer. Just like in crafting design, she enjoys building a delightful connection with her partner and audience through an interactive conversation without words.